A passion stretching over generations

For us, passion is the inner drive in all we do, whether it is sports, business or life in general. The idea of Rowshop was born out of that same passion.

In all aspects of life, we pride ourselves in pushing to achieve the best result, and are proud to have built Rowshop with that same passion. Our goal is to establish a stronger presence of rowing in Scandinavia, and work towards a future
where that’s possible.

Our family revolves around rowing. For Bo, it’s in the form of a former elite rower representing Sweden. For Axel and Alice, the second generation of rowers in the family, it’s aimed at competing against Under-23 rowers worldwide, with long-term goals of competing at the Olympics. We all share the passion for the sport, and that combined with our experience and dedication, will distinguish us from international competition.

“To me, Rowshop is an exciting possibility to take my own ambition to be an elite rower a step further and really engage in all parts of the sport.”

We want to offer our knowledge about rowing and everything related. When making an investment as large as the purchase of a boat, we want you to find comfort in the ability to ask anything. We want you, the customer, to feel like your in good hands and that you can trust us. We understand the position you’re in, because we were once in that position too!

We’ve designed our fleet of boats to accommodate every type of rower. Our boat manufacturers lead the industry and offer excellent boats to rowers on all levels. At Rowshop we offer a variety of quality equipment that cover a spread of price ranges and meet the different demands requested by the customer.

 “We want to be both about excellence and availability. Whether you are new to the sport or a professional rower, we offer high quality boats and everything you need to get the most out of your training.”

We hope to be a place you want to visit, whether you are about to invest in a boat or just looking for inspiration.

All the best,
Axel, Alice and Lars