Filippi 1x

120 000 kr

Filippi racing Shell for the competitive rower. This boat is built to order, creating a perfect match between rower and the boat. It's manufactured in Italy and made out of carbon and Kevlar. It comes in different shell sizes, as well as with different rigging options.

Rowshop are allowed to sell boats in Sweden, Norway and Finland, if you are situated outside those Countries you can see what you local distributor are located on the official Filippi website.

Super Lightweight (SLW): 50-60kgLightweight (LW): 65-75kgSpecial: 75-85kgMidweight (MW): 85-95kgHeavyweight (HW): 95-110kg

Bow-mounted, Carbon Wing RiggerBow-mounted, Aluminum Wing Rigger

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Racing Shell, Available in different sizes and with different riggers. Built to order.

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