2 695 kr

The StrokeCoach Surge comes with a convenient ‘Strap on’ mount. The mounting strap is highly-adjustable and designed to quickly secure the unit to a footstretcher plate, cross-brace, wing rigger, bench seat or a coxswain’s or drummer’s leg. You can also use a traditional T or A bracket with a wireless mounting dock.

Please note that bumpers are sold separately.

2 CR2032 Batteries,
Carry Pouch,
Quick-Wrap Mounting Strap (Attaches to foot stretcher, wing rigger, cross-piece or leg.)



The StrokeCoach provides – stroke rate, stroke count and elapsed time – with absolutely NO wiring or seat magnet required! with a sensitive three-axis accelerometer, gives immediate accurate stroke rating in any boat – rowing shell, dragon boat, canoe or kayak – and in any position.

Please note that bumpers are sold separately.

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