EmPower Oarlock

5 000 kr

Measure power, work, angle, slip and wash with the most innovative rowing product since the SpeedCoach. Installs in minutes & provides unmatched insight and feedback to improve technique and boat-moving effectiveness. Pair it with your Speed Coach GPS 2 with tranning pack and start analyzing.

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EmPower Oarlock Perspectives

Coaches – Imagine having the power to see every critical aspect of your athletes’ rowing presented as simple, instantly understandable numbers. Now imagine achieving that with no wires, and an installation you can easily accomplish before your next practice. Simply replace your normal oarlocks with EmPower Oarlocks using tools you already own and perform a quick one-time setup and calibration routine. The EmPower Oarlock converts hundreds of precise strain gauge and angle measurements into per-stroke measurements of catch and finish angles, slip, wash, effective length, force, peak force, work and power and displays your choice of measurements on a paired SpeedCoach GPS. You can use the SpeedCoach GPS in your launch for real-time view (range 100-150 feet/30-45 meters) or hand it off to your athlete for self-coaching to your defined targets.

Rowers – Imagine having the power to know EXACTLY what “less layback” or “quicker catch” really means. Have the confidence to implement your coach’s guidance, making much faster improvement towards your goals. Self-coached athletes, get immediate insight into which changes really resulted in better boat speed and sustainable efficiency, then imprint those changes through consistent rowing.

EmPower Oarlock. Knowledge is Power.

EmPower Oarlock data is displayed on a SpeedCoach GPS 2 with Training Pack. Each oarlock is wirelessly paired with its own SpeedCoach for athlete or coach viewing. Viewing distance is approximately 100’ line of sight from oarlock to SpeedCoach. At launch, the SpeedCoach will support one EmPower Oarlock, and scullers have the option of displaying raw effort-related measurements or doubling them to show total work and power. The SpeedCoach can be simultaneously paired with an NK heart rate belt to aid in developing physiologically efficient rowing.
The EmPower Oarlock comes with a fixed pitch at 4 Degrees and is powered with a single AA Battery.

Measurements available with EmPower Oarlock

  • Catch Angle
  • Max Force Angle
  • Finish Angle
  • Force
  • Slip
  • Power
  • Wash
  • Average Power
  • Stroke Length
  • Work per Stroke
  • Effective Length
  • Avg Work per Stroke
  • Max Force


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