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The new Cobra 2-/2x features bow-mounted, parabolic carbon wing riggers on our Medalist carbon laminated honeycomb hull resulting in added stability and responsiveness you can feel.

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Speed Coach GPS


Tristique Commodo

580 €

Smoothie2 Vortex Edge

5 000€

Cobra single

Don't buy one boat. Lease a fleet.

Here you can learn about about the rowing as a sport. Order from a wide selection of rowing related products. Here you will find products from the rowing sport's biggest suppliers.

Is rowing for everyone?

We are passionate about rowing in all its forms. At all levels. We love supplying the absolute rowing elite as well as recreational rowers with what they need to enjoy the sport and perform at their best.

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To own or not to own

Getting your own boat is an important step in your rowing career and a considerable investment. We see the traditional way of owning your gear being challenged by rental or leasing options. At Rowshop we’re happy to talk to you about different alternatives, to find which one fits you best.

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The beauty of a perfect stroke

To some, rowing is a simple matter of moving a boat from A to B. To others it is a passion, a fascinating routine, possible to dissect into pieces and be perfected down to the smallest muscular movement. We’re the latter.

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Coming together

We believe in the transformational power of our sport and the valuable bonds it creates. We care for those who share our passion and we are committed to supporting them on their journey. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves and reach their true potential.

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