Wintech Medalist 1x

75 000 kr

The Medalist is our premium, dual carbon-laminated, full honeycomb core racing shell. This racing boat features a bow mounted aluminium or carbon rigger.

Super Lightweight (SLW): 110-130 lb athlete range (120 lb crew avg)Lightweight (LW): 130-165 lb range (155 lb avg)Midweight (MW): 165-187 lb range (175 lb avg)Heavyweight (HW): 187-230 lb range (210 lb avg)

Bow-mounted, 5-point Parabolic Carbon Wing RiggerBow-mounted or stern mounted Aluminum Wing Rigger

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The Medalist is our dual carbon, full honeycomb core single scull. This racing boat features a bow mounted carbon wing rigger.It features Nike Omada shoes, press-molded carbon seats. Available in five sizes.


Laminated Nomex honeycomb core sandwiched between a high-modulus uni-directional pre-preg carbon fibre, carbon exterior and interior. Additional carbon fibre reinforcement on gunwales. Heat cured in mold. 

Sandwich construction boats are lighter and stiffer than their single-skin counterparts due to a honeycomb core, making them more suited to high performance use.

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