Smoothie2 Vortex Edge

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Smoothie 2 Vortex edge is our most popular blade.  It has a very good grip at the Catch and during the first  1/3 of the rowing stroke.  The result is a loading profile with a firmer feel at the beginning of the drive, compared with a Smoothie2 Plain Edge or Big Blade. The triangular “vortex generators” on the back surface of the Vortex Edge tip, act on the layer of water near the surface of the blade to decrease drag and increase lift.
An added feature of the Vortex Edge is protection to the edge of the blade, preventing damage from wear or impact.

➤ No center spine.
➤ Vortex Edge with less taper at tip than Fat 2.
➤ Curvature to aid in depth control.

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The Smoothie2 Vortex Edge is generally used with a 1–2 cm shorter overall oar length than the Smoothie2 Plain and is most effective when used with larger catch angles, i.e. athletes rowing further through the pin.
The Smoothie 2 Vortex Edge blade can be combined with the Skinny shaft to produce a softer feel and more even loading profile.

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Ultralight or Skinny

Skinny Shaft, Ultralight shaft

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