Is rowing for everyone?

We are passionate about rowing in all its forms. At all levels. We love supplying the absolute rowing elite as well as recreational rowers with what they need to enjoy the sport and perform at their best.

As experienced rowers, we’ve designed Rowshop to be an outlet where we can spread our knowledge and experiences. As was once told to us by our coaches, “To every professional rower, there is a stressed importance on being in control, even of the smallest details.”

Rowing, inherently, isn’t as accessible as other sports, but to say that it’s less gratifying than a another sport, is to speak a lie. A goal of ours is to develop all sectors of the rowing sport; those being Olympic, Recreational, Coastal, and Indoor rowing.

Our vision is both to provide the absolute rowing elite with the knowledge and equipment they require and to spread the sport we love.

Competitive rowing

Rowing is an old sport and has been a part of every Summer Olympics’ program since its debut in 1900. The kind of rowing you see in the Olympic Games is also the most common type of competitive rowing, performed in small, light boats. The sizes of the boats differ from 6,5 meter for the smallest single boats, up to almost 20 meters for the largest ones, holding 8 rowers and a coxswain.

The boats are typically very narrow, you almost sit “on top” of the shell, which is about 20 cm wide in the waterline. Currently, these boats are built to sustain the weight of the rowers and use extremely light material such as Carbon-fiber or Kevlar.

Recreational rowing

After retiring from racing and competing, many rowers become active in recreational rowing. Here they still have a chance to get the competitive experiences, only in a more relaxed environment. The world’s biggest rowing event, The Master Regatta, is held every year and allows teams to mix male and female participants, as well as people of different ages. It is very common to find rowers using our Recreational boats to participate at these events.

Since revealing the option to buy Recreational boats we’ve noticed a growing interest in recreational rowing because of its stability and minimal risk of falling into the water.
The boats used for recreational rowing are wider and more stable than those used for competitive rowing. At Rowshop we offer convenient rental programs, which allow you to try the sport without having to invest a lot of money.
This option is perfect for those looking for a scenic outdoors workout that conveniently makes the time fly by!

The boats used for recreational rowing are wider and more stable than those used for competitive rowing. At Rowshop we offer convenient rental programs, which allow you to give it a try without the pressure of buying it

People are looking for the all-round workout offered by rowing, or they want the wonderful outdoor experience, or both.

Coastal rowing

Coastal and offshore rowing is rapidly gaining rowers in their community. Countries that have a greater presence of ocean instead of lakes and rivers, often tend to row coastal instead of conventional.These boats are tough,strong, and durable. They are built to withstand whatever the ocean throws at it! With this boat’s design, the water that splashes into the boat exits with ease. Lastly, in this category you will find boats for one, two or four rowers.

Indoor Rowing

This is probably the most common way for people to get in touch with rowing. For the last 25 years we have seen an extraordinary growth in the use of rowing ergometers. The most popular of which, with more than 90% of the commercial market share, is the Concept 2 Indoor Rower.
This is a very efficient workout device that can be used by almost anyone; from young kids to competitive elite sportsmen. The resistance can be adjusted with ease to allow for a variety of exercise opportunities.

Indoor Rowing has become a sport of its own. For example, there are Indoor Rowing races taking place frequently. From 2018 and looking forward there is scheduled to be a World Championship in Indoor Rowing

To read more about the Concept 2 Indoor Rower and to buy or rent your own, continue to the Concept site.