Wintech Cobra 1x

99 500 kr

The WinTech Racing Cobra is our premium range single. Built using medalist construction it features a bladder moulded bow mounted carbon wing rigger and is supplied with Bat Logic Quick Release Shoeplate Pro, Padded rigger cover, Padded boat cover, Tool kit, and press moulded carbon or cushioned seat. Available in five sizes with painted hull as standard.

We offer a special edition Cobra with clear coat gloss finish or wet sanded matte black hull.

Rowshop are allowed to sell boats in Sweden, Norway and Finland, if you are situated outside those Countries you can see what you local distributor are located on the official Wintech website.

Super Lightweight (SLW): 110-130 lb athlete range (120 lb crew avg)Lightweight (LW): 130-165 lb range (155 lb avg)Midweight (MW): 165-187 lb range (175 lb avg)Heavyweight (HW): 187-230 lb range (210 lb avg)

Bow-mounted, 5-point Parabolic Carbon Wing RiggerBow-mounted or stern mounted Aluminum Wing Rigger

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