Speed Coach GPS 2 -Training pack

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The ‘Training pack’ equipped SpeedCoach GPS is the full-featured rowing performance monitor designed to maximize your training effectiveness. The Training Pack Features easy programmed built-in workouts and detailed post-row stroke and split data review. Get immediate feedback on your speed, stroke rate, heart rate and stroke run without installing wiring, or add an impeller. Hold yourself accountable by programming interval workouts in minutes. On the water, both work and rest intervals feature a clear visual countdown indicator.

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Whether you are the coach of a D1 team, an elite rower striving for national success, a dedicated master’s rower or a new “Learn to Row” graduate, you need the right equipment to achieve your goals. The SpeedCoach GPS 2 is the perfect training tool for rowers of all levels.
We selected a high resolution 5Hz GPS module for more precise speed and location data, and combined that with proprietary acceleration algorithms for accurately determining stroke rate and effective speed per stroke.
The SpeedCoach GPS 2 is expandable and upgradeable. It features LiNK Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless connectivity. You can use LiNK to connect a compatible heart rate belt or the new Empower Oarlock, the Training Pack and future features, install firmware updates, and connect your SpeedCoach to your phone or computer for data downloadThe ‘Training pack’ comes with the ability to transfer data via LiNK for Windows or OS X to your computer or the NK LiNK app for iOS or Android for interval review.

  • Extensive Memory– Memory holds 25 hours of rowing performance data and is easily reviewed on the unit itself, including 100M interval summaries.
  • Flexible Display Fields – Four flexible display fields show your choice of rowing data. (Note, firmware 2.11 and below allows two flex fields. 2.12 required to enable four flex fields.)
  • Odometer – The odometer provides your mileage per day/week/month/year/unit total in miles or kilometers.
  • Clock – Auto sets from GPS – no more missed morning meetings!
  • Backlight – Bright, full-screen LED lighting runs for hours and turns on/off automatically.
  • Rechargeable Batteries – 5-8 hours of rowing (based on backlight usage)
  • Wirelessly Upgradeable Firmware – Install both upgrades and updates wirelessly with LiNK for Windows and Mac OSX and an NK Bluetooth®Low Energy USB Dongle

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